My letter to Bruce Willis

Dear, Bruce, I tried searching online for a way to send you this letter but my results came up with multiple addresses and I honestly didn’t know which one is which so instead I am writing this letter through this site in hope that you will come across of it and read it.

I can’t remember a moment where indirectly you weren’t present in my life. Ever since I can remember I have always liked your movies, all the action packed drama and every character you’ve ever played. I know, you probably read this everyday ( If you do read your fan mail which I hope you do) but I don’t mean to brag about it really, nor to tell you I’m your number one fan because, we all claim to be so anyway. I’ve always had some sort of fixated admiration towards you, not only as an actor, but as a person, I’ve always thought of you like a great person with a tremendous heart and very passionate soul. A great father above all and I guess a part of me admires that of you because I pictured my father to be like you someday; a hero. Yes, you were a hero to me when I was a child, I wasn’t much into superman, spiderman or any of those comic heroes shown on tv shows and on magazines, you were my hero then and I always wanted my dad to be like you. In my head I would believe it so even though truly he never was. My dad’s life was drinking and still is after 20 years and well I guess that at a young age I understood he could never be you, he could never be my hero, but you could and you would always be.

I can’t remember a movie I didn’t miss that you weren’t in it and if I did, it’s on my to watch list so no worries I’m pretty sure I’ll watch them soon enough. Above all the movies I’ve watched of you my favorites have been The Fifth Element and Live Free or Die Hard. You did great in those movies, and working with Milla, that has been a very memorable thing to me because I adore her work and her personality as well as yours. 

The thing is Mr. Willis, that once I grew up I found out that you were more than a hero to me, you were an idol, someone I felt devoted to in some way and I still don’t know why. You are one of the people I’d love to sit down and talk to just for a little while about any subject that’s brought to the table, just a small chat would suffice this strong devotion of knowing you. I hope I don’t sound creepy or anything, I swear I don’t mean to, because above all I respect you very much and even though I do find you immensely attractive, I respect you and by all means would never mean anything more than what I am trying to say; which is Mr. Willis, that I would love, in fact appreciate to meet you and I know these petitions are mailed to you very often and I do not mean for you to make an exception but I would cherish it if you would grant me the pleasure of at least seeing you even if just for a brief moment, I don’t want an autograph and if I can’t take a picture with you it doesn’t really matter as long as I can see you there, in front of me. That would be a memory I shall cherish forever, a memory I would recall every time my life seemed dark and bitter, I’d think of that memory when I met you and all my troubles would fade away because then I’d remember that you are still a hero and far even more than that, an Idol, a person I respect and admire so much, and had the great and marvelous opportunity to meet even if it was just for a few seconds.

I do hope this letter reaches you and that you can at least be the one to read it and not your representatives or any of those people. Like I said I don’t mean for you to take consideration of my petition but I would love to meet you, even if just for a second, nothing more. That’s all I could ever want from such a great and talented man as yourself. I wish you the best in your personal and professional life as well, I hope you continue on your career, participating in great movies and making us all happy inside. 

With all the best wishes and admiration,